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Welcome to The Ivey Ray Experience.


You may know me from HERE, or HERE, or maybe HERE. I know you because I know faces! Little Ivey Ray stood on her tiptoes and painted her face in the bathroom & vanity mirror of her parents Long Island, NY home (circa 1990 something). 


Future Ivey Ray did the same to the mug of many a model, celebrity, bride, client, and friend for 14 fabulous years in NYC.


Present Ivey Ray is here and looking forward to dolling you up, supporting the health of your skin, getting your photo ready for your wedding, helping prep for that event, create your custom blended makeup, curate your signature look, and any other way I can assist you in your aesthetic aims. 


If you are curious about my work in various makeup artistry spaces:


If you like what you see, GET IN TOUCH  and we’ll get you stunning! 


When we team up, you can expect to be cared for, entertained, pampered, and offered an expert who keeps you calm, makes you giggle, and whom working with feels like hanging with your bestie.


Thanks for reading and I can’t wait to meet you!


All my best,



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